The new 800 engine boosts the power, torque and riding pleasure of this naked MV Agusta even further! New, adjustable suspension and an advanced electronics package make the Brutale 800 the segment leader, with outstanding graphics and dedicated colours emphasizing those unmistakable MV Agusta lines.

The three-cylinder Brutale offers excellent handling, agility, and rideability. Now, with a new engine providing a power and torque comparable to that of a 1000 cc unit, and with a weight of just 167 kg, the Brutale 800 offers an unmatched power-to-weight ratio. However, the Brutale 800 has more than just a new three-cylinder engine: a new adjustable suspension system lets riders personalise response according to the actual conditions.

Riders can also count on an advanced electronics package unique to this category: the MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) platform includes, first and foremost, multi-map Full Ride by Wire with integrated traction control.
The result? Optimised delivery throughout the power range, maximum engine efficiency also in terms of fuel consumption and, of course, the ability to personalise engine performance by choosing one of the four available maps: three pre-set ones plus a map that can be customised by the rider. Traction control ensures safety and performance on any road or track surface, letting the rider focus… on the riding! The three-cylinder engine, first seen on the supersport F3 675, sets a new technological development standard for bikes in this class thanks to exclusive technical solutions such as the counter-rotating crankshaft, used in MotoGP but never before seen on a production bike. Outstanding frame performance is guaranteed by MV Agusta’s exclusive composite structure: a front section made of steel trellis tubing combined with two light aluminium alloy plates to which the sculpted single-sided rear swingarm is attached. The Brutale 800, then, joins the Brutale 675 and, with its improved performance and even feistier character, offers an even sportier MV Agusta style that has been designed to satisfy even the most demanding motorcyclists.

Technical specifications

The main characteristics of the MV Agusta Brutale 800 are:

  • In-line 3-cylinder engine with counter-rotating crankshaft
  • MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) technology
  • 8-level traction control
  • Composite steel trellis and aluminium plate frame for high torsional rigidity
  • Single-sided swingarm with adjustable rear monoshock
  • Upside-down adjustable 43 mm front fork
  • Racing-type radial front calipers



Even at first glance, the Brutale 800 is clearly an MV Agusta thoroughbred. A perfect combination of panache, performance, design and ergonomics. Offering a unique blend of style and substance, this punchy three-cylinder bike offers the same standard of excellence seen on the Brutale 675 but with a refined graphics/colour scheme that lends it added flair.

The overall compactness is visually striking, with the eye-catching mechanical components dominating; the spirited three-cylinder engine, almost completely exposed, is cradled by the distinctive frame on top and the compact exhaust system underneath. The tank is modelled to maximise capacity yet minimise volume, while the tail is as essential as it is elegant.

Added character also comes from the headlight unit, which combines original elements with iconic features from the Brutale range. Last but not least, a distinctive three-section tailpipe ensures the visual impact of the MV Agusta Brutale is nothing less than stunning.


As you’d expect, the most advanced electronic control ever seen on a bike in this category has been extended from the Brutale 675 to the Brutale 800 by applying advanced race technology to mass production. The MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) platform ensures integrated control of vehicle and engine: more specifically. this means combined management of the three-cylinder engine with traction control to ensure exceptional performance and safety.

Technological innovation is evident in the Full Ride By Wire, the electronic throttle body control system that, together with injection-ignition mapping, optimises the air-fuel mix throughout the rev range, maximising power and torque according to rider demand.  Compared to the traditional mechanical throttle, the Full Ride By Wire system breaks the solid ties between throttle twist and throttle body opening, letting the electronics apply the fastest efficiency-optimising solution and provide the exact response demanded by the rider.

On the Brutale 800 the system uses a multi-map with three preset modes and a fully customisable one so riders can choose the power delivery that suits both the riding conditions… and their own whims. The MVICS platform includes 8-level traction control, which can be adjusted in seconds and checked on the digital dashboard; traction control acts on throttle, ignition timing advance and injection.




Great handling, dependable traction, ease of use and outstanding performance. These project goals were achieved by focusing on an unmistakable MV Agusta hallmark: the composite-structure chassis. Consisting of a frontal steel tube trellis section and two aluminium alloy plates providing the fulcrum point for the long single-sided swingarm, the frame is specially designed to put the power down on the asphalt as efficiently as possible.


Performance has been enhanced through heightened levels of control and variability: the MV Agusta Brutale 800 is fitted with an upside-down fork and monoshock with hydraulic and elastic response adjustment.

The 43 mm upside-down fork, characterised by excellent fluidity, provides 125 mm of front wheel travel and is adjustable in compression, rebound and spring preload. The rear wheel, instead, linked to the monoshock and swingarm, has a travel of 119 mm; again, the system is adjustable in compression, rebound and spring preload. The Brutale 800, then, provides even more versatility than the Brutale 675 thanks to a broader suspension regulation range that further enhances ride dynamics.




The Brutale 800 offers a braking system of the highest quality. It features a pair of front 320 mm discs with Brembo four-piston (32 mm diameter) radial calipers; at the rear the rider can count on a high performance twin-piston (34 mm diameter) Brembo caliper, which grips a 220 mm disc.


The new Brutale 800 is available in 3 colour combinations: